V24 Tower FRP Grating Replacement, Wallops Island VA

This subcontract involved the replacement of existing platform grating and handrails on the V-24 Tower on Wallops Island Flight Facility with new FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) material. Work entailed working at heights, and required R.H. Contracting to provide an approved Fall Prevention Plan, full fall-arrest harness systems, and an onsite Competent Person.

R.H. Contacting, Inc. performed the work for the facilities’ primary service provider VT Group. The US Navy had a strict schedule of tower outages in which the work had to completed. All work was completed within these designated times.

This job required full compliance with all OSHA and EM 385-1-1 requirements for working at heights, crane requirements, and special Lockout/Tagout procedures of the tower’s electronic systems to prevent exposure to harmful RF radiation.

All work was completed on schedule and without incident.

  • V-24 Tower FRP Grating Replacement
  • VT Group (Prime)
  • Wallops Island Flight Facility
  • Wallops Island, VA
  • Contract: 119120074
  • Subcontractor: $68,055.74

Some Images of the V-24 Tower Project

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