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RH Contracting, Inc. is a Virginia corporation licensed as a Class A Contractor. We have performed several subcontracts on both US Navy and US Army Corps of Engineer projects. Recently, we completed two State government contract to construct a chemical storage buildings for Virginia’s Department of Transportation (VDOT).

2013 Projects
Contract NameAmountRoleType
Joseph M. Zimmer Inc. Misc. Repairs at buildings Wallops Island Flight Facility 5297S-WFF $15,000.00 Subcontractor Government
Backwater Electric Inc. Exterior repairs for two buildings at Wallops Island Flight Facility 123008W102-WFF $2,000.00 SUBCONTRACTOR GOVERNMENT
Branscome, Asbestos abatement at Eastville VA 182814 $5,500.00 SUBCONTRACTOR COMMERCIAL
Diversified Enterprises of VA. Interior and exterior repairs at several buildings for Verizon $26,500.00 PRIME COMMERCIAL
NAVFAC V-10 Tower Corrosion Repair, 7225-0004-RHCI-0927-2013, Wallops Island VA. $57,870.00 SUBCONTRACTOR GOVERNMENT
NAVFAC V-10 MCC Electrical upgrade, D-7225-0005, Wallops Island VA. $36,100.00 SUBCONTRACTOR GOVERNMENT
USACE Ft Norfolk Building Repairs W91236-08-D-0011-0004, Norfolk VA $64,400.00 SUBCONTRACTOR GOVERNMENT
VDOT Temperanceville AHQ Asphalt Tank Roof Repairs, PO D01564290, $4,981.20 PRIME COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA
NAVFAC V-10 Lounge Renovations, N40085-10-D-7225-007, Wallops Island VA $50,400.00 SUBCONTRACTOR GOVERNMENT
VDOT Emporia I-95 Exit # 13 Chemical Storage Building, 501-A2501-031 $431,595.25 PRIME COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA
STATE FARM/Maney’s Residence Complete Interior Renovation including Mold Remediation, Greenbackville VA. $88,089.00 PRIME RESIDENTIAL

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