TA-28 Timber Bridge Conversion, Ft. Eustis, Va (USACE)

Timber Bridge Conversion Work included the demolition of the existing railroad rails and deck planking on the TA-28 Timber Bridge at Fort Eustis.

The project included the repair of the existing timber pile caps, timber bridge stringers and full replacement of the deck planking with new. New timber railings, posts and wearing surfaces were included as part of the work.

The work was conducted in a tidal creek where the water averages between 6 and 10 feet deep. All Supervisors on the job where OSHA 30 trained and possessed First Aid and CPR certification.

R.H. Contracting’s percentage of the performed work was greater than 70% of the contract, and included all demolition, pile driving, and timber framing.

  • TA-28 Timber Bridge Conversion
  • Rocky Hill Contracting (Prime)
  • Ft. Eutis, VA

Some Images of the Timber Bridge Project

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