Emporia I-95 Exit 13 Chemical Storage Building (VDOT)

Contract consisted of the construction of a new 5500 square foot structure and installation of an Existing SPRUNG frame-supported membrane roof system to serve as a salt storage building.

Construction included excavation, foundations, 12’ high cast in place concrete walls, rebar installation, steel erection, waterproofing, installation of fabric roof system, electrical installation, site work, landscaping, and asphalt pavement.

R.H. Contracting, Inc. self-perform all the work with exception of asphalt paving and electrical.

  • Emporia I-95 Exit 13 Chemical Storage Building
  • VDOT Project 501-A2501-031
  • Rocky Hill Contracting (Prime)
  • Contractor: $426,645.25

Some Images of the Emporia Chemical Storage Building Project

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